Welcome to the Joint Research Cooperation Lab AlPS

AlPS - Analytics, Privacy, and Security for IoT and Big Data - is a joint research lab between researchers in Austria (TU Wien, Uni Linz, University of Vienna), Indonesia () and Vietnam (Bach Khoa University, Hue University). The lab receives partially funding from ASEA-UNINET for research visits and training during 2016-2107.

The lab is an attempt on investigating how experts from Austria, Indonesia and Vietnam would come to a joint force to investigate novel techniques for analytics, security and privacy in IoT and big data for important application domains in Indonesia, Vietnam and Austria, in particular smart agriculture and smart city. We envisage that the outcomes from this lab will be substantial contributions to smarter solutions for developing environments, like in Vietnam, through novel research results as well as knowledge transfer among different involved institutions.

Research Topics and Activities

Within the current funding phase proposed in this proposal, the lab will focus on:

The long term vision and goals will be developed with a focus on an excellent research lab for analytics, privacy, and security in IoT and big data for the domains of smart agriculture and cities




Publications & Talks


Hong-Linh Truong